Saturday, June 09, 2007

Inside the Esplanade

This is what it looks like in the Esplanade. The entire building is shaded yet natural sunlight comes through. There was on display at the main foyer area.
Superstring – a series of single continuous line drawings by Joshua Yang in collaboration with students of NUS high school of math and science
Superstring – a series of single continuous line drawings is a site-specific installation consisting of drawings with markers and paint on rolls of canvas stretched across wooden frames and rollers. The artist’s imageries and compositions are patterns of randomness and choice of his subjects are of mundane objects, surroundings and people.
The laborious undertaking of these drawings is done in a single continuous line with no breaks or overlaps. The concept behind the mode of drawing in a single continuous line ties in with the Superstring Theory, which postulated that all matter in the universe is made up of and connected by tiny symmetrical vibrations called strings.
Participants were given specific instructions to perform the drawing, which is based strictly on two rules, namely: -
The line must not intersect itself at any pointThe line must be continuous and must have no breaks

Here's another piece....
Walk toward the mall area and you will find hanging installations such as these.
Even the restaurants have personality, like My Humble House which is a fine dining Chinese restaurant.

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