Sunday, June 24, 2007

Traditional Singapore Bread Bakery

This is one of the few traditional bread bakeries left in Singapore. They bake local bread that you find at the kopi tiams where you would order kaya, butter toast and a cup of kopi. I walked into the bakery and politely asked permission to photograph these men at work. Ghee Leong is a Hainanese bakery that has been around for over 50 years.
You will find shirtless men at work in the bakery with archaic ovens. They produce over 1,000 loaves of white, brown and French bread (all $1.10 a loaf) a day and you can pick up a loaf at its counter. This bakery is open 24 hours daily. Trimmed bread lined up on open shelved along with bottles of kaya. Dough stacked up neatly on shelves and baked bread stacked up all over the place. It was fun watching the daily grind but the men weren't very talkative and I couldn't coax them to tell me more about the shop. Either way they were good enough to allow me to stay in the shop and photograph them while they went about their work. Here they are making french loaves which they wrap in burlap to let the dough rise. Below are the sweet loaves which have risen.
This is the oven that they use to bake the bread in.
Bread coming out from the oven.
French loaves heading into the oven.
Baked goods

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