Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cooking For A Good Cause

I gladly volunteered to be chef for a morning to prepare lunch for friends who are raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. They are going to Phuket later in the year to build houses and as part of their efforts they are also raising additional funds by catering meals for their colleagues.
I chose to make dry mee siam as it travels well and can be eaten at room temperature. As it was my first catering job, I had to cost and think about packaging and food presentation. I found my plastic boxes from my baking goods supplier and the rest were just maths. I thought I had all my ingredients till Lilik mentioned that the chives weren't in my two bags of vegetables that I brought home from the market on Sunday. I ended up having to drive out on Monday morning to buy chives.
Each box sold for $3 and I donated the cost of the ingredients to the cause. It was an experience catering for fifteen people but not difficult you just need organizational skills. Lilik got to see my fussy side when it came to presentation, I was quite upset with her when she didn't fry the tofu the way I wanted them. However, it was a pleasure watching people enjoy their food and would I do it again absolutely.
If you would like to get involved just follow this link http://www.habitat.org/ap/housing_need.aspx.

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