Sunday, July 22, 2007

Freshness Guaranteed - Air Flown Daily

We Singaporeans love our seafood, this afternoon I passed a popular crab bee hoon outlet on my way home. I was in luck they were just getting ready to sort out their daily supply of fresh crabs that have arrived at the restaurant before they open at 6 pm.
The crabs in the photo above are about half a kilogram each and six months old. How do I know this?
I had a chat with the seafood supplier, who wants to be known as the "Seafood King". He was there watching the girls sort out the crabs and to collect his payment. According to him it does not take very long for the crabs to reach the desired size. These crabs are from Cebu and Sri Lanka, and they were huge. I also learnt that he has a seafood restaurant over at Jalan Rumah Tinggi and he's asked me to give his outlet a try. One of these days I will and I owe him this photo too.
Look at the size of the crabs in relation to the girls' hands as they were sorting them for quality. The girl in the forefront was looking for crabs with roe as they are highly priced by diners.These are the 800 gm category crabs waiting to go into glass holding tanks. You can imagine the turn over if the crabs are being supplied to the restaurant daily.

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