Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kampong Glam

I took a drive down to Kampong Glam to attend Yuk! Makan Festival 2007 which is one of the main events of the Singapore Food Festival. The event was held in the Istana Kampong Glam, Malay heritage center. Next to the Istana is Tepak Sireh, a restaurant in a restored bungalow which offers halal food and cultural performances. I would had tried the food around the area but I am in my healthy phase. Payment for all the past indulgences, I would have sat at Victory or Zam Zam for murtabak but I would be able to do justice to the food.
The Kampong Glam area is the historical and the traditional heart of Singaporean Muslim life. It is also the ethnic quarter and district where early Muslim settlers resided and is rich in history.
The area was once a cosmopolitan settlement of Muslims from diverse ethnic backgrounds and home to the Sultanate of Singapore during the early colonial days and still possess unique architectural character.
The enclave, bounded by Jalan Sultan, Victoria Street, Ophir Road and Beach Road, was gazetted as a conservation area in 1989 under the conservation master plan to preserve historical buildings from destruction during urban redevelopment. Today, Kampong Glam is a hub for the Muslim community in Singapore, retaining its architectural heritage to preserve its rich culture and history.
The area is also home to the Sultan Mosque which was built in 1928. The mosque features a massive golden dome and is the largest mosque in Singapore with the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 Muslims in congregational prayers.

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