Saturday, July 07, 2007

Feasting with My Camera

If only I could eat my way through the Makan Festival without gaining weight. I only allowed myself to buy putu piring and used my camera to feast on the goodies. Mike, my former dive buddy, if you do read this post, this one is for you.The nasi stall looked sumptious too, so did are the Ramly burgers that were frying on the skillet. I've never seen a burger that is neatly wrapped in an egg wrap to hold the patty, mayo and sweet chili sauce. They are very popular with teens and it the burger recreated Malay style. I may go back tomorrow just to give it a try. I buy frozen Ramly fish burgers to make my own fish burgers. My breakfast version features an egg done sunny side up in buns. You can then wash it all down with teh tarik prepared by the expert.

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