Sunday, April 05, 2009


This is the first cat I rescued as a tiny kitten, she also the only cat that I have with blue eyes. Meow was the runt of the litter but was lucky enough not to have died from rat poison which killed her mother and the rest of the litter. I took her home and nursed her to back to health.
The ole grand dame of my home is now 17 and has reached the end of her life.
Today, I have to take her to the vet as I cannot bear to see her suffer anymore. She has been a wonderful cat that would comfort me when I'm down. It is my turn to comfort her and do the right thing by her. Bye Meow.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful....and will be sadly missed im sure. must be a hard decision but it's a correct one. My condolences.

Shirls said...

Yes, she will be missed but she lives on in my heart. I discussed what was best for her with the vet and we felt the right thing to do was to end her suffering. It never easy to say good bye but it was the best. I'm at peace as she is no longer suffering.

Shawn said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news. It was the right thing to do by ending her suffering. At last she is at rest, no longer bearing any pain.

These are just small painful matters in life. Everyone will have to depart one day.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, thanks. I know it was for the better but it never is easy.