Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Finally Another Twin-barred Tree Snake

My morning walk yielded a rare and gorgeous tree snake. The Twin-Barred Tree Snake is a relative of the Paradise Tree Snake. Like the Paradise Tree Snake, it is a flying snake or a glider. This diminutive glider (grows to only 0.6 meters) is also the rarest in the family. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to photograph it. I saw my first twin-barred over a year ago and guess what no camera. Now if only I can find its equally gorgeous cousin, the Paradise Tree Snake, which contrary to what snake books say, is not that common.
Especially for Shawn.....


Shawn said...

Call yourself simply LUCKY. You know this is a rare snake. If I were you, I would have taken a whole lot of photographs and post most of them to my blog. That's how I like it. I wish I could find one of those.

Anyway, for the Paradise Tree Snake, try Sungei Buloh. They are said to be very common near the vegetation beside the first bridge (the one just before the visitor centre/'guard house').
That's where I found one too.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, I think I am lucky too. I'll add another photo for you. :-)

I shall look for the paradise again. It must be where the Simpoh Air trees are. It's where the sunbirds bath every morning.

Shawn said...

Oh My! I really didn't expect you to post more picstures just just for me! Thanks a million Shirls! I did view some of your images in your Flickr too. Awesome shots you have there.

And yes, don't give up in finding the Paradise Tree Snake. I've actually encountered two, one at SBWR, but the earlier one was at Ivory Hights, a private HDB near Jurong East. It was basking in the sun and fleed when it saw my cousin and I approach. Our hands were full of Live Aquarium Fish so I could not catch it for shooting it later, and I had no camera with me either.

If you can spot the Twin-Barred, you should definetely be able to find one Paradise soon. Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

Very stunning snake indeed.. Pictures are fantastic though i wish there were more!

There are actually some colour variations for both species. I've seen a twin barred with a more orange coloration. Paradise also can range from red patterns on green, to pure green/yellow to pure whitish green...so i would say the paradise offers more surprises

I have to agree with Shirls on the paradise cuz i have actually encountered the twin-barred 4 times, but the paradise only 3!? I guess it's all about searching at the right places. And i have never spotted one at sungei buloh before..!?

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, I had the photos so it was easy to fulfil your request. I shall continue to look for the paradise.

To anonymous, thanks for the info. I don't recall seeing color variations in the two specimens of twin-barred that I've encountered. Then again the sightings were too far apart for me to remember coloration.

Me thinks that the paradise are around just not that obvious. I photographed a juv oriental whip at buloh but no one else saw it.