Saturday, August 04, 2007

Final National Day Rehersal

I walked down to the bay area after lunch and watched part of the final rehearsal before Singapore's first national celebration on the water. Camera in toll, I caught some of the action of NDP@Marina Bay 2007.
Chinook helicopter fly past minus the Singapore flag which was harnessed to the Chinook for the final rehearsal.As the show is on water the navy and police coast guard also put on a display of speed and power. It was quite exciting to watch.It was the army's turn next and the commandos repelled off the Sheares Bridge.Lastly, I caught these shots in the evening from my bedroom as the air force put on their display. The Chinook is now flying the Singapore flag and flanked by the Apache helicopters which are recent additions. I also caught the F16s way up high.

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