Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazing Nature

Thread softly, listen and watch carefully, you never know what you might see. I discovered that evening can also be just as wonderful as the light always has special quality.
However, be prepared to dodge the loud and noisy people who just don't know how to appreciate a nature reserve. Many walk the reserve talking loudly, what will they see or appreciate with all the noise that they are making. The funniest sights are the local ladies who are accompanying their foreign boyfriends to the reserve in sexy outfits and heels.
I use to guide people through the reserve but these days I will rarely do so. I only point out interesting things only if I recognize a fellow nature lover on the path.
Most people walked past the pond without realizing that there was a resident monitor lizard living there. I knew since the first day I revisited. Sunday afternoon, I noticed he was patrolling his pond and then I noticed there was a smaller lizard in the pond too. The pair was a mating pair and I managed to observe their ritual and photograph what I could without disturbing them.This was a grey heron perched on a submerged branch at the mouth of sungei buloh besar. Approach slowly and cautiously as these birds have very good eyesight. They take off immediately once you get within 20 feet from them. I wasn't able to get a better shot than this.I even got this skink to pose for me by respecting its space and not frightening it with fast movement. Good tai chi practice remember move s_l_o_w_l_y.Barnacals growing on mangrove roots of Api Api Putih (Avicennia alba). Below is the flower of the same mangrove tree.


elyani said...

I think the girl in heels is the liberated fashion beings who are obliged to look at their best, even if this violates the “rules”. The monitor lizard might say ... "hey you, don’t stomp your little last season fake Prada shoes at me, honey.” ... LOL!

Shirls said...

Ha! Ha! chances are they will break their ankles as they run screaming at the sight of the monitor lizard.