Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chapati Making

I went in search of freshly made chapatis from Azmi not to eat them but to watch them being made. I'll try them next time as I seem to make the same mistake of have a good breakfast before I headed down to Little India.
I found them at 786 Norris Road in a very old coffeeshop run by a whole bunch of Indian Muslims. The stall specializes in Chapatis are made fresh from flour that is purchased from Valli Flour Mill.
Later, I discovered it had a branch at Belilios Lane and I spent more time photographing as the view wasn't obstructed.This old guy was fantastic, he was patient as I tried to ask him questions in English which he didn't quite grasp. The best part he allowed me to photograph him while he made the fresh chapatis. He even told me take this shot of the nicely puffed up chapati, this is the sign that it is cooked. I'm told that a puffed up chapati is called phulki and if it puffs like this the chapati is well made.The cooked chapati are kept like this. They flatten back into flat pancakes again as they cool.


elyani said...

I love Indian roti...but never tried chapati. I have always had the same thing in Singapore, Cheese Prata, at the food stall near my sister place in Serangoon.

Shirls said...

Elyani, you're not the only one, my American friend who stayed with me just couldn't get enough cheese prata. These's a whole lot of different things to try and we only live once. Have fun!!