Saturday, September 01, 2007


I had space in my stomach to try a lighter meal so I had thosai from the stall next to Azmi in the same old coffeeshop at the junction of Serangoon Road and Norris Road. The lady and her helper were really friendly and accommodating. I asked permission to photograph her kitchen where she was making the thosai.
What are thosais? They are a South Indian crêpes. The thosai batter is ladled in small amounts onto a hot greased skillet, where it is spread out into a thin circle and fried with oil or ghee until golden brown. The dosa may then be folded in half and served.
This was her thosai menu:
- Egg thosai
- Chilli thosai
- Onion thosai
- Ghee thosai
- Butter thosai
- Paper thosai
- Masala thosai
This was my order, what a great visual delight - paper thosai with teh tarik.Break it up and add in the chutney that comes in tiffin buckets. I chose to have mine with coconut chutney and chili. It was yums!!!

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James Tung said...

I had similar food in KL, malaysia, it was great!