Friday, September 21, 2007

Definitely Greedy Today

We all went a little potty in the kitchen as I wanted to clear some of vegetables that have been sitting in the drawer. I stopped eating shark's fin soup a long time ago and I found this melon recently when my vegetable seller recommended it to me.
I bought a small slice and fresh corn on the cob. My soup contained peanuts, shark fin melon, corn, scallops and chicken. I'm not Cantonese but I love my "tong".Noting like fresh prawns in sambal and stink beans. Petai I am told is good for cleansing the kidneys. I just like the aftertaste they leave in your mouth.Both dishes were colorful and tasty too.


elyani said...

My maid just cooked "udang balado" the other day sans "petai". I like them with petai but she is fasting and does not want the stinky smell after a long day starving herself...hehehe!

Shirls said...

I love petai!