Sunday, September 30, 2007


More of my winged neighbors, sunbirds survive mainly on nectar, although they may snack on the occasional insect. Their nectar extraction equipment include: a long, slender, decurved bill with fine serration along the margins of both mandibles; and a tubular, deeply cleft tongue.
This is a plain-throated male sunbird that was feeding in my garden.
The females in the sunbird family are all little plain janes.I have waited months for this little crimson sunbird to appear in my garden.


ed said...

I was walking, tripped and fell in here. It's lovely to see so much of nature in this blog. The vibrant colors are sufficient to perk someone's day up.

Shirls said...

Thanks ed, glad that the vibrant colors perked up your day and thank you for the encouragement. :-) Please feel free to "fall in" more often.