Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kingfishers of Singapore

I have for the longest time thought kingfishers only eat fish and hunt for them by diving into the water. It was only through my recent craze with photographing birds did I learn a little about the kingfishers. Most Kingfishers are generalised feeders and will hunt any slow-moving prey that are within their reach. Many eat mainly insects and can catch these in flight. They also eat snakes, lizards and other small vertebrates.
I have since photographed three species of kingfisher successfully. Where I live the most common kingfisher is the white-throated kingfisher. These birds are noisy and you can hear them in the mornings as they hunt. I followed the call of this pair that were hunting together this morning at the playground.
The rest of my kingfishers were all photographed at sungei buloh. The collared kingfisher which is supposed the most common kingfisher here in Singapore. Frankly, I've only see them at the wetland reserve and they are very shy creatures.Last but not the least is the brightly colored stork-billed kingfisher which I have been lucky enough to see twice on the same day. The stork-billed kingfishers are the largest kingfishers but they are rarely sighted because they are shy and less noisy than other kingfishers.The common kingfisher is a migrant and rare. They specialize in fishing and are found close to bodies of water.

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