Friday, September 14, 2007

Melben Crab Bee Hoon

I wrote about the seafood supplier and the crabs that were being supplied to Melben some months back. This evening I finally made it to Melben for a crab bee hoon dinner with two friends.
I was advance party to get us a table at this HDB eatery that runs its operations like a Vegas restaurant buffet line very regimented. You had to place your order at the door before you are even seated. As I was early, I was able to bend the house rules.
I ordered ahead for the gals - a medium sized female crab with roe for the crab bee hoon soup, deep fried seafood toufu and fried sambal sweet potato leaves.This was the toufu dish which we snacked on while waiting for the main dish. Which arrived just 10 minutes later in a large claypot.We fished out the crab shell and stripped out the roe and each of us took a piece of the crab before we could even try to grab any of the slippery bee hoon.Melben's crab bee hoon is definitely more oily compared to Uncle Leong's and see the sheen of oil on the soup. It was butter, although it was very good but it left us all very thirsty. We suspect that the bowl was also loaded with MSG which is unfortunate as the crab was fresh and there was no reason to go over the top with MSG. The soup is white because they use evaporated milk to give the stock a creamy texture.
We all went for a short walk after polishing off the bowl and a can of coke each. This bowl cost us $45.


elyani said...

Oh boy. The crab bee hoon Looks delicious, and very dangerous (for your health...LOL!)

Shirls said...

It was and loaded with all things that aren't good for the ticker.