Saturday, September 15, 2007

More From Sungei Buloh - Flora n Insects

These are some of the other photos that I took like this unique one of the bat lily in bloom.The torch ginger flower, the buds are collected and used in cooking. I like it in rojak as it adds a certain fragrance to the dish.The flower of the sea poison tree, it blooms in the night and attract large moths and nectar-feeding bats with their heavy scent.Probably the easiest butterfly to photograph is the blue grass tiger. They are plentiful in Sungei Buloh. They would sit on the flowers and you can take your time with them.One of the apex predators of the insect world - the dragonfly. I ought to do a series on dragonflies.Tree climbing crab, the Teochews catch these small crabs and pickle them in black sauce and vinegar. The vinegar crabs are eaten with rice porridge.


elyani said...

Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing, Shirls! When I was a kid, I remember my maid often told me to put the dragon fly feet in my belly button so I wont have the urge to pee when I sleep in the night :)

Shirls said...

How interesting.