Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Wired This Afternoon

It must have been too much food during lunch and too much sugar. The family was at my home this weekend to celebrate an aunt's birthday. What did I do after everyone left, drive back out to Sungei Buloh. It's about half an hour and I am getting the hang of navigating my way fast.
Not as exciting as I didn't have that much time to spend there just wanted to get some exercise in and see if I will be lucky to spot the family of smooth otters that are living in the park. It wasn't as exciting as yesterday but I did get some additional photos which I stylised due to poor light and me choosing to use my old SLR lens on the dSLR body.This dragonfly I'm calling the bumble bee.Egrets in the mud flat framed by bushes from where I took the shot.Squirrel feeding in the trees.Torch ginger flower and bud in the background, the bud is what is harvested for cooking.


elyani said...

I have a stupid question, Shirls. How do you make a blur effect when taking a picture?

Shirls said...

Focus the lens on the furthest object, the near objects will come out blur.