Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stalking The Common Kingfisher

Slightly larger than a sparrow, this little bird is hard to spot when it's on its perch. Although the adult is bright metallic blue in the upper parts, cobalt on the back, and showing greenish reflections on the head and wings. The ear coverts and under parts are warm chestnut, the chin and sides of neck white.
It wasn't easy to spot in the low hanging branches over water. What I suspected is the bird has regular perches from which it fishes and so I spent much of my time combing and carefully looking out for the little bird. The first sighting was just a few inches above the water before it flew back to the area where I first saw it.
This little bird is a female as its bill is blackish and reddish orange at the base; the bill of the male is all black.

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