Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Samplings

Random sampling of food that I have had in Bangkok.
MBK has two food centers, fifth and sixth floor. This plate of chicken rice was my dinner from the sixth floor food court. It was just chicken rice (average).

The canteen at the Vimanmek Mansion look ordinary and they will turn you away if they need to feed staff. We went back after the tour and the food is freshly cooked on order. I decided to try stir fried seafood with basil and tom yam kung. My order was surprisingly delicious (v. good).
At the spur of the moment, I decided not to have the tour guide drop me off at the hotel. I bailed on him at Nana station and wondered around the middle section of Sukhumvit. I chanced upon this Chinese restaurant on Soi 15, Yong Lee Restaurant that was filled with Thais on their lunch break. I decided to have lunch here. As I didn't think to ask for a menu, I ended up with wanton and roast duck noodles (good).
I got to Lemongrass at 2 pm only to find that they have closed. So I wondered into an air conditioned food court, only to find that no one understood me nor could they tell me what they sold. I ended up at a noodle stall that sold tom yam noodles (good).

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