Saturday, December 15, 2007

Home Bound Yet Again

I was home bound yet again but for a different reason this time. To keep myself busy, I went into manic mode tending to my plants - fertilizing and spraying insecticide. I have been neglecting the plants so they got their much needed pampering. While doing that I was also on the look out for interesting subject in the garden to photograph. Why waste the day without playing with the camera?
I had some interesting subjects to focus on - a pair of mating four lined tree frogs, gerbera daisy and a plump caterpillar.
Doesn't the tiny male on the back of the female look totally worn out? He seem to be in sort of a trance and non-responsive. The female however was alert and kept moving them around to evade my lens.Fat and juicy grub and it looked like it had Tweety Bird's eyes on its head tooThe caterpillar is just a huge eating machine. It eats molts and eats till it is ready to pupate. This one did and see its nasty weapon.It also made an interesting shot when a drop of water rolled down its back to the head reflecting the images of the leaves it feeds on.There are of course the plants.

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tempinis said...

nice photos! especially that green worm!