Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tha Annual Kampong Night

Tonight is the estate's annual kampong night. Kampong is Malay for a settlement smaller than a town. For us, it is the night where food is sold at prices of old and neighbors come out to network and enjoy the food in a kampong style. All the food was priced at $1.
Satay is the annual favorite and a neighbor who is in the satay business supplies them. Five sticks with half a ketupat and peanut sauce. The chicken meat is fragrant and tender. Yum!
The other favorite is roti prata, which made a come back this year. They were crispy and sold out very quickly. The sauce just gave oomph to the crispy roti.
I gave the maids $4 each to enjoy the food, while I stayed home and watched mom. They brought home a lot of food and gave me a bowl of mutton soup. With the amount of meat in the bowl, $1 was a steal but I couldn't do justice to the soup as I wasn't hungry and it was a tad too oily for me.

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