Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Plants At Home

I bought several new plants a week before Christmas to add some cheer around the home and I thought it would be nice to introduce these plants. I had to have this hibiscus plant as the bloom was large and showy. This is my Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Byron Metts, the flower is 6 inches in diameter and pure white.Then came two pots of Rex Begonias, that are priced for their colorful leaves. I placed these two pots by a window and they immediately brightened up the living room. Cyclamens caught my eye and I bought this pot as the color of the flowers are just stunning. This is an indoor plant that is showy but oh so fussy. I hope it plant will thrive in the living room. This pot of anthurium was Bangkok inspired. I loved the huge cut blooms at the Inter-Continental and this pot seemed perfect at the corner of my patio.Last but not the least, I added a pot of Amaryllis. I've perfected the art of keeping these plants and making them flower even in the tropics.

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