Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Wonders of Nature

December has been wet and there's little chance of spending an entire day outside wondering around looking for interesting subjects to photograph. I found my subjects just at my car porch - the night blooming water lily, moss, ylang ylang flower, rains drops citronella leaves and a little snail.
Moss has taken root on my Balinese statue and with the recent downpour it was a fresh green. When magnified with the macro lens, you can see that the moss grows in tufts.Rain drops on the citronella leaves also made interesting subjects but they aren't easy to photograph and there in lies the challenge. The bulb of a water hyacinth that was lying on the ground as there were just too many of them in my water pots. The bulb is filled with air. The ripe ylang ylang flower is yellow, as a bud it is green. Looks weird but the scent of the flowers is just fantastic.A winged termite that drowned over night became an interesting subject on its own.I found tiny snail (2mm) and made it pose for me and see how photogenic it is.


elyani said...

Awesome capture, Shirls! another one of my favorite :)

Shirls said...