Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pho 24 On Upp Thomson Road

During the two weeks of rushing around, I didn't even notice that Pho24 has opened at Upper Thomson Road. Till yesterday while coming home from dropping my brother off.
Driving by it this evening, the eatery was well patronised. Given Upper Thomson is now a hot bed for eateries. I couldn't help wonder if this new entrant will last. I've seen too many come and go in 2007.


elyani said...

Shirls, regardless Singapore has very minimum natural resources there ... I'd say Singapore is a real jungle for every businessmen in a sense only true fighters can survive. This is not only for food business but other business as well. My Singaporean boss always complaining that business is getting harder each day and the competition is getting fiercer.

Like other businesses, food businesses have become so profit-driven such that food quality is being compromised in the process instead as raising the price will definitely make the customers go away. It is like a double edge sword.

Shirls said...


All business have to stay competitive. However, in the food business quality and skill of a chef is very important. Customers will pay for quality. Mediocre to poor you lose money. Location, location, location also is another factor. Well another shop closed yesterday due to fierce competition.