Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Clouded Monitor

I was surprised to see my resident clouded monitor still alive and well, after not seeing it for several months. I had assumed that a poacher had trapped it and had cooked it. I'm glad to see that it's alive and well. I spent two mornings quietly observing it and slowly approaching it to photograph it with a zoom lens. It's a shy creature and not many will notice it as it disappears the minute people are around.For those, who aren't familiar with the clouded monitor, it is a medium-sized monitor which can reach 1.5 meters, but specimens of this size are rare due to human predation. Its colouration comprises yellow spots on a brown-grey base. This mainly terrestrial species can be found in habitats as diverse as scrubland and rainforest, but is generally encountered as it digs amongst leaf litter searching for beetles and other insects. It may also be spotted clinging high up on tree trunks or exploring tree holes: its sharp claws make it an excellent climber.


elyani said...

Beautiful creature! It looks like a big gecko. Shirls, do clouded monitor live on the trees only or they can live both inside the water and on the ground?

Shirls said...

They are a lot larger than a gecko. :-) They live on land and not in the water.