Friday, January 18, 2008

Had A Little Dianxin At Sunshine Plaza

I went to Victor's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza. This little stall has been much talked about by netizens for serving Hong Kong styled dianxin that I enjoy. It wasn't hard to find the place but be prepared to speak Cantonese and write Chinese if you want specials or give instructions like takeaway. Walk into the kitchen and ask for a printed menu which also serves as your order sheet, tick your order and hand it over to the serving staff. To amuse yourself while you wait sit at a table outside the kitchen and watch the chef and his helpers work. It's very interesting. While I was there they were making har kau. I watched the chef make the dough for the skins and then proceed to make the dumplings.
As I wasn't a big eater, I ordered two dishes to eat at the shop and two as takeaway. My eat-in orders were lo mai kai and king prawn chee cheong fun, and to go were char siew pau and milk buns.
This was my steam glutinous rice with chicken and Chinese sausage. Pale, fragrant by lotus leaf and piping hot, not very tempting nor interesting to the eye.Ah! but wait look what is inside. Still not pleasing to the eye. Place a mouthful in your mouth and that is when the tastes buds go Ahhh... The glutinous rice is soft and the meat well seasoned.Next came my king prawn chee cheong fun. It was good too.I didn't get to taste the buns that I took out. They were eaten by others but from what they said it was pretty good. The milk bun has creamy custard in it with a smidgen of salted duck egg yolk.The best part about this place is, it is cheap and good. The most expensive dish on my order was the king prawn at $4. I'm definitely going back for more next time I feel like having dianxin.


Elyani said...

Looks real good, Shirls! I like Lomakai. I tried it first time when I had a dimsum on one of the foodstall here but they did not taste as well as what you described here.

Shirls said...

Oh! the wonders of words but seriously, this is pretty good.