Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hong Heng Beef Noodles

I have eaten at Hong Heng's at Ang Mo Kio a couple of times before but I never remembered to bring along my camera with me as they were more at a spur of the moment thing.This time I did, my order was for dry noodles with beef. By the way, this stall is pretty well known and well patronised so be prepared to queue for your noodles. They start selling their noodles in the morning and go on till after lunch.
I like this stall as the beef is tender and not over cooked. The noodles, bean sprouts and beef are smothered with smooth sticky gravy and topped with salted mustard green, Chinese parsley and a lime. The small bowl of soup is also flavorful and tasty without the after taste of MSG. The other thing that has to be good is the chili that comes with the fermented krill (cincaluk).Combine them all together and you have yourself a real tasty treat.

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