Thursday, January 24, 2008

Char Siew Noodles not Wanton Noodles

I had to go try the wanton noodles at this stall as people have said lots of good things about their wanton noodles.
However, the lady with her back to the camera was uncommunicative when I approached to try an place an order. She just continued to make anorexic looking wantons. They also sold chicken noodles. So decided to do my own thing, ordered wanton noodles with chicken so that I can try both noodle dishes in one. As for the taste test, the char siew and soy sauce chicken are to die for tender and well marinated. the noodles are al dante just the way I like it but skip the wantons.


Elyani said...

the char siew noodles looks drooling just looking at the picture :)

Shirls said...

Visual presentation :-) but it is good.

Shirls said...
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