Friday, January 18, 2008

Insect Scrapbook

I obviously could not leave my camera in the dry box for long before itching to take it out and shoot mother nature's amazing creatures in their habitat. These are some of the interesting tiny insects that I chanced upon while being chased by mossies all through my walk.
I shot with a macro lens and a macro filter, to get more details that the naked does not see. These images have also been cropped and enlarged as my subjects are all no more than 5mm small.
Lastly, I do not know the names nor the species of the insects I found. I will generalise and even give you quirky names just for the heck of it.
This here is a brown eyed hairy fly on an equally hairy leaf.
A little insect-sutra going on here.Next is a scorpion ant, it only 3mm big but beware. It gives a nasty sting that hurts like hell and then itches forever.And the strangest insect that I found was this prehistoric looking grasshopper on a piece of rotting wood. It was moving around like a tiny tank to my amazement.


Elyani said...

I like the first and second pic. The color and detail just blow. Can I borrow your camera for an hour...hihihi!

Shirls said...

Ha! Ha! you can but you need to borrow my eyes and my brains too. The camera equipment are just tools.