Saturday, January 19, 2008

Craving Ramen

I wasn't going to waste calories on breakfast today. I wanted ramen and had my mind set on heading to Central at Clarke Quay, after my morning visit to the hospital. Things are not improving, more things are sprouting out, like this ground fountain.I had another reason for wanting to drop in at Clarke Quay, I wanted to buy a packet of Mentaiko from Meidi-Ya.
While walking towards Central, I notice a new ramen shop had opened - Ramen Santouka on the second floor from across the river. I decided to check it out instead of heading to my usual Marutama Ramen. Santouka wasn't hard to find as there was a large sign with the unit number on it by Grain. The ramen shop was tucked right at the back of Grain in a cosy corner. According to what I found on the web, Ramen Santouka is a Hokkaido-style ramen chain. It's a 20-year-old brand with outlets in Japan and in the US. It specializes in cha shu (roasted pork), shio ramen (ramen in salt-flavoured broth)and miso ramen. I ordered the Tokusen Toroniku Ramen the house speciality with kara miso. Tokusen Toroniku is roasted cheeks from the pig's head. As there is only 200 to 300 gsm per pig it is highly coverted for the mean is very tender and tasty. The meat is served separate along with the condiments for the ramen.The broth is red because kara miso is simply spicy miso. Taste wise it was fantastic. The broth is richer than the chicken broth of Marutama, and the pork cheeks fat and all melts in your mouth. The noodles are slightly fatter than Marutama and also very springy. I like both shops as they taste different depending on what you are craving for.Note: There are signs outside the restaurant that state that they only have enough to serve 80 servings of tokusen toroniku each day. It also states that if their soups run out they will close early. Opening hours 1100 to 2230. Where to go #02-76 Central.

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