Friday, January 18, 2008

Rickshaw Noodles

I dropped in at Maxwell Food Center and decided to try the Rickshaw noodles, which is a Hinghwa cuisine. The dish was in the old days popular with trishaw riders as it used to cost 2 cents a bowl.
It is basically stewed noodles in dried anchovies and garlic soup with bits of black mushrooms and greens topped off with fried onions. There are two versions - mee sua and Hokkien yellow noodles. I chose mee sua and added in a piece of bean curd and fish cake to my order. It cost me a grand total of $1.70.The mee sua looks soggy but it does taste a lot better and lighter than it looks.I was a little apprehensive that the meal would be too oily as the side order was deep fried. However, combined they seem to click. I can't complain as the meal was just right.

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