Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiny Bird With A Big Voice

I switched lenses over the weekend as I was trying to photograph the crimson sunbird that has been visiting my butterfly pea (clitoria ternatea) plants. After three days, I still have not gotten any good shots of the rather elusive bird. I know a pair is nesting in my neighbor's mango tree.
The other bird that I have been trying to photograph is the flowerpecker. Today, a number of supremely noisy scarlet backed flowerpeckers kept distracting me from work by flying past my window chirping very loudly.
A female settled in the electrical wire outside my window to rest and I was presented my opportunity to photograph her while she rested.
Before you ask, how can you tell that this tiny bird is a scarlet backed flowerpecker? She is just a dull green but check her back out.While she sat quietly, a male started cruising back and forth. He then settled on the wire some distance away and because he was full of nervous energy. He was harder to photograph.When he changes position you can see the scarlet from forehead to rump.

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