Friday, February 22, 2008


I had several opportunities to photograph various butterflies today and I must say it was a great way to learn patience waiting for the subject to settle down. Unfortunately, I not too good with insects so if someone can help me name them it will be great.
I chanced upon four long brand bush brown butterflies feeding on the melastoma fruit and I thought it would make a great shot for communal feeding.
The next is a peacok pansy, I know because a fellow photographer on treknature helped me to identify the butterfly.A pair of chocolate pansies.This lime butterfly was feeding on my orange jasmine plant.This one I photographed at Venus Link is a plain tiger. Singapore is home to five species of butterflies from the sub-family Danainae which have been given the common name "TIGER". The origin of the common name probably referred to the striped wing patterns and, in a number of species, the orange colour of the wings. I've seen another tiger either a blue-glassy tiger or a dark-glassy tiger fleeting around in my backyard.

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