Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pho Today

I have been exploring the Telok Ayer Street to Amoy Street area and today I decided to head there again just to have another look see when I met a friend there for lunch. We had a variety of food to pick from but we decided on pho since the two of us had pretty heavy dinners yesterday when we hung out with different friends. Before meeting her, I stopped by Mr Teh Tarik and had a Horlicks Dinosaur. The dinosaur just means the Horlicks drink gets topped off with additional Horlicks which is not mixed. I also like Milo Dinosaur but I prefer to make it at home for an extra chocolaty kick.It hit the spot being nice and cold on a muggy day but it also took the edge off my appetite. We walked back to Amoy Street as I had parked my car there and I needed an extra coupon on the car. After dumping our purchases in the car, we headed for Pho99, which I had found on my previous visit. The place was small. As it was a Saturday in the heart of the business district, the joint was empty. We literally had the entire place to ourselves. We ordered rice paper rolls and pho which was just enough for us.The prawns in the rice paper rolls were a tad over cooked otherwise it was good with the tangy sauce. Next came the pho.I liked the broth as it was fragrant and yet easy on the palate. The beef was done the way I like and it was thinly sliced. Despite being just peckish, I enjoyed the good bowl of pho.

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