Sunday, February 17, 2008

Evening Meal Time

I've been trying to catch a glimpse of this bird and photograph it. Mind you, it is not a shy bird and you can find it well hidden in the thick undergrove and typically you'll just catch a fleeting glimpse of the bird before it's gone.
Yesterday evening, while out looking for my pair of looney birds (magpie robins) that sent me on a wild goose chase the evening before, I was presented a different opportunity instead.
The looney birds weren't around so I decided to take a walk on the edge of the reserve. I spotted movement in the undergrove and decided to investigate. To my delight, I found a pair of Striped Tit Babbler looking for their supper.
Happy to say that the flash worked wonders from the get go and I finally have a good shot of this bird. The icing on the cake was photographing it with its meal between its beak.

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