Monday, February 25, 2008

A Hearty Bowl Of Ramen

It's nice to have a back log of material to posts especially when I've been busy with work and the weather is blah. I went to Ramen Santouka some time back to try a different a ramen. I had shio ramen with char siew. Shio ramen is ramen seasoned by salt.As you would have notice the ramen broth is milky white. Santauka prides itself for its pork bones broth. According to the literature at the restaurant, to make tonkatsu (pork) bones into mild, white colored broth, the pork bones are first simmered on their own before vegetables, dried fish and stock from dried kelp are added. In addition, the broth is never allowed to boil, this is to allow people of all ages to enjoy the broth with burning their tongues.
My bowl was hearty but I found it a challenge to finish all the char siew. Don't get me wrong, the ramen was very good.Personally, I still prefer the lighter chicken broth at Marutama but I do want to try other items on the menu when Santouka is fully operational.

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