Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hair Style Of A Caterpillar

The weather has been extremely dry and everything is turning brown in the heat. As a result, I am trying to keep hungry bugs away from my healthy plants. Not only are mealy bugs running amok but the moths too. I keep getting these funky looking caterpillars from an unidentified Tussok moth that love to chomp up my night blooming water lily.
This is the bloom from my plant and I would like to keep the plant healthy as it took me over a year to coax this plant into flowering so I can ill afford to let the caterpillars destroy the plant.This plant is flowering freely and I don't want it to go dormant again. It's flowers also attract little bees and they make good photo subjects too when I have nothing to shoot or when I would like to practice shooting insects hovering.
Despite being a plant terror, I thought it made an excellent subject with its fancy hair do. Nature does have a way in making her creatures look funky and interesting. If you don't look too hard and you can almost see the head of the lion with bushy brows from the lion dance troupe in the caterpillar.

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