Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reasonably Priced Thai Food

Jai Thai Cafe use to be opposite of Han's Cafe at Thomson Plaza. If you don't already know it, they have moved into the food court and is still being operated by Thais. I had tried their beef noodles once but never took to their signature dish.
However, I decided to give them a try again at the food court as I wanted something from that was Thai hawker fare. I ordered their pad thai noodles, which at $4 was very reasonable.It was fried in true Thai hawker style and it is comfort food for me as it was done the right way.Since then, I've gone back several times for pad thai but I did also want to try other items on their menu. I decide to order their spa set, which consisted of dry curry tofu, fried mixed vegetables, a papaya salad, fried fish slices with sweet and sour chili sauce, and a plate of olive rice with chicken all for $6.50.The four dishes were extremely tasty but the olive rice was a bit of a let down. It was cold and lacked the fragrance of the salted olives and garlic but mixed with the tasty dishes I thought it was okay if you just took it as plain rice.

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