Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hup Seng Revisited

This is my favorite lor arp (braised duck) stall at Sin Ming as their sauce is the salty, runny dark soy sauce instead of the gluey paste some lor arp stalls use. I got into a conversation with them when I ordered two ducks for a lunch party. They start preparing their ducks at 3 am and start serving lor arp at 8.30 am as does the bak kut teh stall in the same coffee shop. I can't imagine having duck rice for breakfast but since they are located in the Sin Ming industrial estate, I guess the guys at the motor workshops do have heavier breakfast.
I tried their kiam chye arp (salted vegetable duck soup) for the first time as I usually make my own. Order a quarter portion of a duck and took it home along with the lor arp.The soup is sour from pickled plums and rice vinegar, and it has a nice pick-me-up effect as it wakes up your tastes buds. The duck is tender and well cooked. I'll order this again if I'm lazy to prepare my own but it lacks the fragrance of brandy. The lor arp is great as usual.

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