Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stuck At The Budget Terminal

I'm blogging off a free Internet terminal at Singapore's budget terminal.
My Tiger Airways flight, which was to have taken off at 6.15 pm was initially delayed till 9.15 pm. At 6.15 pm another announcement is made, flight 108 has been further delayed till 10.30 pm. So I have been wandering the terminal, which is so cold that I had to resort to buying a long sleeved t-shirt to keep warm.
I have also bought two book at the book shop and have already finished one. I read "the diving bell and the butterfly" by Jean-Dominique Bauby cover-to-cover as it is that captivating. The book is a memoir written by Bauby who suffered a massive stroke that left him completely paralyzed and in a locked-in state. It is a much needed insight into the mind of a person who is in a locked-in state.

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