Monday, February 11, 2008

Tampopo - Mentaiko Kurobuta Katsudon

I'm not through exploring Meidi-Ya and the small Japanese eateries in the basement. I tried Tampopo before Singapore went into over drive for the Lunar New Year.There's a number of things I want to try on the menu but I could only try one dish on the menu. I chose to try mentaiko kurobuta katsudon out of curiosity to see how mentaiko and pork go together. This was my set meal which didn't take very long to arrive.The cabbage that accompanies the meat was very finely shredded.I couldn't help but wonder how they did it as it was really very pretty to look at. The piece of tonkatsu was done just right crispy without being oily. The roe blended well with the slices of pork that wrapped around it.I squeeze the juice from wedge of lemon on to the piece and added mustard. All the flavors just melds so well and I enjoyed my lunch very much. The next time I'm there I shall have to try their ramen.


Elyani said...

you're right...the salad looks so pretty and finely shredded.

Shirls said...

Not only did it look good, it taste good too. Very refreshing.