Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Unusual Intruder

Update: It's not a toad but a Banded Bullfrog (for more information click on the link and it will take you to Ecology Asia). Nick has been very helpful in assisting to identify my froggy finds each time I sent him photos. This little fella is still a youngster. I can now associate the mystery cow like calls I've heard during the rainy season at the back of my house and in the botanic gardens to this frog.I found this unusual little critter swimming in my night bloom water lily container while clearing out young plants to prevent overcrowding. I'm not sure if its a frog or a toad but I'm leaning more towards it being a toad of some kind.
Initially, I thought is was a water beetle as it paddled around the container underwater as I found some insect egg casings on the leaves too. I ignored it for now but I was going to extract the beetle later but upon a closer look, I realised that it was an amphibian that I've not seen before.
I grabbed the camera and coaxed it on to a lily leaf to photograph before it hopped off into the garden. This little anphibian was only 4 cm long.


Elyani said...

I read bull frog is highly on protein. But looking at his skin...I wonder if I have heart to make this creature a bowl of frog-legs porridge...hehehe! just kidding. Nice shot, Shirl!

Shirls said...

Hah! I'm not offended the least bit. I've eaten some frog legs myself.

Thanks, I was just having fun.