Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thai Grill Cook Out

I'm a serial recipe book borrower and an avid recipe collector. I am still trying to sample the recipes that I've collected thus far and I'm still adding new ones.
I borrowed this Thai recipe book from the National Library and we decided to give two grill recipes a go now that I own a cheap $19 mini-BBQ.I decided to try the mushroom with garlic and chili sauce, and fragrant grilled chicken. We stuck the chicken breasts on to skewers to make things easy for grilling.After grilling, I plated the chicken and mushroom on rice, and drizzled the different sauces on the mushroom and chicken respectively. It was delish! We were all so stuffed that, we had to take a walk to digest the meal.The other option is to serve it up satay style with the dipping sauce on the side.The grilled chicken mid-joint was something the help wanted as she never got to sample the lot I marinated for the lunar new year eve cookout.

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