Friday, February 08, 2008

A Rather Uneventful Outing

I had an extremely good day yesterday, finding interesting subjects to photograph. Today was a different story. I went out at the same time yesterday and spent three-hours walking around but nothing was in sight. Other then the monkeys lining up on the roads hoping for a free meal, the rest of the Singapore animal kindom high tailed out of the parks. The problem - people, people and more people, everywhere.
I went to two different locations within the central catchment nature reserve and I came up with just a pair of pacific swallows. If I hadn't observed them in flight and watched where they landed, I wouldn't have gotten this shot. The smart pair stayed within the relative safety of a locked enclosure overlooking the water. They knew that the pesky humans weren't able to get past the gate.


Elyani said...

Shirl, I like this photo very beautiful!

Shirls said...

Well I have to thank an avid birder I met. It was he who pointed out the swallows to me. Since then they keep popping up everywhere.