Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hill Mynah

It was a rather disappointing day all round, I went for a 3-hour walk and came up with very little interesting critters to share. I settled in, in the afternoon to bake durian puffs only to discover that the pack of non-dairy whip I bought from cold storage was bad. I tried calling them to inform them that the batch they had on the shelf was bad but no one bothered to answer the phone.
Back to my morning walk, I found a pair of nesting hill mynahs on a tree and it was interesting being able to stand and observe the nesting pair go about their duties.The nest is on the left of the photo in the jagged tree trunk. Here's one of the parent peering out from the nest. I spent over 15 minutes just watching the pair. Upon my return walk, I found them both defending their nest from a clouded monitor lizard that was climbing up the tree. They were successful in forcing the lizard to retreat.

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