Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Nearly Ran Into This Fella

I was wondering around again and I literally ran into this guy after finishing photographing a cute little lizard below.This fella is a Black-bearded Flying Lizard. Doesn't it look like a skinny twig? And like the colugo, it had a penchant of going around the tree trunk.Both are superb in terms of their ability to blend into their environment.


Anonymous said...

your pictures are really fantastic.and i love your colugo pictures.i never get to see them around.are they really that common?!and don't mind me correcting.the lizard is not an earless agamid but a black bearded flying dragon ( of which your 1st picture of it caught it's folded gular flag. really nice pictures!


Anonymous said...

my bad! the link is

i think it got cut off!

Shirls said...

Shao Wei,

Thanks for the compliments. The Colugos are around you have to have sharp eyes to spot them. They blend in real well with the tree trunk.

As for correcting me on the lizard, no problems. I'm not an expert welcome feedback.