Sunday, March 09, 2008

Street Chefs With Lots of Attitude

I thought that these guys added style to their attire while churning out great meals. Who needs a high paper hat and white uniforms. The street fashion is definitely more interesting.
This guy was manning three stoves with a towel wrapped around his forehead with two talismans hanging around his neck. The other was the chef in black with shades at the wanton noodles stall.This lady in her orange get-up and an orange towel around her neck.


Elyani said...

hehehe...I think those little towels are useful when the sweats drip their forehead or neck. I dont know about the shade..perhaps that guy wanted us to think he is Jamie Olivier in disguise?

Shirls said...

Here's another spin to the shades... Anthony Bourdain wanna be.