Sunday, March 09, 2008

If The Eating Stops, The Killing Will

I stopped eating shark's fin soup since I started diving with sharks a long time ago. I have a lot of respect for sharks and have come to view them in a different light. I have dived with a number of different sharks but not the great white nor the tiger shark. However, my greatest and wildest dive was a week of hardcore diving at Layang Layang where I saw scalloped hammerhead sharks every day. The best dive of the week was the one where we had hundreds of hammerhead sharks with us. It was an awesome dive, I had huge hammerhead sharks within arms reach.
It's sad to see an apex predator of the sea, reduce to this.
Chinatown was screaming "SHARKS FIN" every where you looked - neon signs of huge restuarants specializing in sharks fins to the hawkers on the street selling sharks fin soup in claypots.
Add the demand for fins from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and you can see why sharks are facing extinction.

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Elyani said...

Shirls, being a 70% vegetarian myself (well..try to be), I cannot for the life of me understand people will eat anything just because there's a myth to cure this and that. Like you said, I hope people will stop eating protected species.