Sunday, March 23, 2008

Look And You Shall Find

I have been having great copper-cheek frog sighting luck three mornings in a roll. I bungled the first two days with shooting the frog and was cussing myself royally. This morning, I had to crawl out extremely early with my fingers crossed that the frog will be where I found it yesterday.As though I had made an appointment with the frog, there it was again exactly where I found it the day before sitting on a cut stalk of wild yam. Kermit was sitting there patiently waiting for me to appear.
This time around I made sure I got more shots and paid more attention to settings as the poor natural lighting just caused me all kinds of problems. It was great to finally have good shots that I can call my own. Now I need to get little kermit to turn and face me, but for now I shall leave kermit to its own devices for the rest of the week.

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